Footpaths & Rights of Way


Below is an interactive map where you can see the local footpaths and rights of way.

Map of Footpaths and Rights of Way around Kimbolton & Stonely


Responsibility for footpaths and rights of way lies with Cambridgeshire County Council and that is to whom any access problems should be referred.

We are unable to print here a map of the footpaths in the Parish, due to copyright, but if you contact the County Council you will be able to view their maps.


The Parish Council does have a Footpaths Working Party who regularly walk the paths to see if there are any problems, but should you come across any obstruction etc when you are out walking, please report it to the Clerk: 


Tel: 01480 861877




You can learn about our historic village by downloading the app TrailTale which is a virtual tour guide which will take you around our beautiful village.

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