Meeting Minutes: 25th April 2024


MINUTES of the Council meeting held at 7 p.m. on Thursday 25 April 2024 in the Youth Hall at the Mandeville Hall, Kimbolton.

PRESENT  Councillors  P Seabrook (in the Chair); K Hutchinson; Mrs R Lloyd; L Farrer; Mrs J Stainer; Ms C Jessup; M. Buckley; Ms H Bradbury Mrs D Hellett and J Lee .

 IN ATTENDANCE  County Councillor I Gardener and C L Thatcher, Clerk to the Council  

52/24   APOLOGIES  were received from District Councillor J Gray and Councillor R Gooderham

53/24   PUBLIC FORUM   was not used.


   None were made.

55/24 COUNTY COUNCILLOR  Ian Gardener said that the faulty solar signs in Main Road, Stonely, will be repaired if possible.   All potholes on Easton Road are to be filled and patch repairs at the junction of Easton Rd and Bigrams Lane will be made.  The gulley outside Hellett’s is to be cleared as is the one outside the Prep School.

Councillor Hutchinson reported that leylandii have been planted at the junction of Thrapston Rd and Tollfield and was outside what appeared to be the residential boundary.

Councillor Gardener left the meeting.

56/24    MINUTES of the Council meeting of 28 March 2024 were read, approved and signed as a true record of that meeting, though Councillor Mrs Hellett wanted it noted that 39/24 should also make it clear that the website annual hosting fee of £200 was also approved.


  • MVAS signs . Councillor Mrs Bradbury said that a USB stick was needed to provide a registration code to access the signs.  It was thought this had been passed to the Clerk by former Councillor Gray, but the Clerk had been unable to find it.
  • Proposed closure of Fire Station.   Nothing further to report in the absence of Councillor Gooderham.
  • War Memorial Gates.  It was agreed to replace the centre fastening and provide two bolts.
  • Cemetery Cottage shower room. No reply has been received from the letting agent as yet.
  • Pound Lane play equipment.  The Clerk said that he had been in touch with Wicksteed who said that they could supply the goal end wall as an item but not the wicket one. The cost would be about £1500.  It is possible to order both items as a part of a wall, but that would cost nearly £5000.  To these costs must be added delivery and installation charges.   It was agreed to defer consideration until the layout of the ground is decided upon.
  • Website.   There was much discussion on the matter of compliance and cost.   Councillor Mrs Hellett said that she had researched a number of companies offering website construction – and she produced their quotes  and found that all were more expensive than Arlo Creative. The Clerk pointed out that Council asked for members to help improve the existing website content and that the same result could have been achieved at a cost of £200 to £300.

Nevertheless, it was proposed by Councillor Mrs Hellett and seconded by Councillor Ms Bradbury that the website provided by Arlo Creative be purchased.

An amendment was proposed by Councillor Hutchinson to accept the purchase recommendation providing James Moore confirms that the access statement and requirements show that the website is compliant with WCAG2.1AA as far as possible, like other Councils.

The Clerk said that there were still omissions showing when he tried viewing the website on different platforms and, because he is not convinced that the website is fit for purpose, he must recommend that the Council does not use it.

Upon being put to the vote, it was agreed to purchase the website from Arlo Creative by all those present except the Chairman, who abstained.  

Councillor Mrs Hellett will speak with James Moore, confirm that he still wishes to proceed, and will notify the Clerk accordingly.

  • Litter Pick.  It was agreed to hold a litter pick on Sunday 12 May, commencing at 2.30pm in the Mandeville Hall car park.

58/24    PLANNING

 No applications have been received.

59/24   REPORTS

 Allotments.   It was reported that allotment 1 was being worked, though it was thought the tenant had relinquished it.  The Clerk will enquire.

Cemetery.  The Clerk reported that the Royal British Legion wished to plant an oak tree in the cemetery which has been grown from an acorn acquired at Colditz Castle.  It was agreed that a spot on the east side of the new cemetery could be found.

Maintenance.  The benches on the Causeway plus the cemetery gates and Carnaby bridge need a clean and the recently planted oak tree on the Causeway must be watered in due course.


  • Mandeville Hall Committee.   Councillor Hutchinson said the AGM had recently been held and whilst he was unable to attend, the Chairman and Clerk did so.   The Chairman said that the next project appeared to be the improvement of the ladies toilets and that the Hall Committee had some £81000 in their reserves.
  • Kimbolton Trust      Nothing to report.
  • Kimbolton School Governors.  Councillor Mrs Hellett said the School had re-commenced on Tuesday and that the work on the swimming pool appeared to be progressing well.

60/24   FLOOD FORUM  Nothing to report.

61/24  POUND LANE WORKING PARTY.  The Chairman said that a meeting had been held yesterday to discuss the car park and the costs, which have risen some £8000 to £10000.     He thought that it will be necessary to obtain another quote.

He referred to the question of providing a building there and that a minute of the April 2022 meeting agreed that costs would be pursued and that in December 2023 it was further suggested that an architects’ competition be held to try to find a suitable design and get an idea of likely costs.     However, at last night’s meeting there was opposition to the idea and we appear to have turned full circle with the decision to once again consult the Cricket Club and Councillors Gooderham and Farrer have been asked to do that.

62/24  EVENTS The Clerk pointed out that the events were being organised mainly by Councillor Mrs Hellett.  Apart from it becoming a burden to her, it is also unlawful to delegate to a single councillor so he recommended that an Events Working Party be set up to meet, elect a Chairman and recommend events to Council.   This was agreed and Councillors Bradbury, Buckley, Farrer and Hellett will form the Working Party.  Councillor Mrs Hellett agreed to provide her list of stallholders to another councillor or the Clerk to provide backup if necessary.


  • The County Council has issued a circular urging councils to set up electric vehicle charging points.  Thought was given as to where they might be sited in the village, but it was agreed that there appears to be no suitable site, so no action will be taken.
  • A complaint received from a lady in Thrapston Rd regarding motorcycle noise and flooding was noted.
  • A request has been received for the burial of ashes in the cemetery of an individual who lived in Kimbolton many years ago.  Cemetery rules require that council approval be sought.

It was agreed to permit the burial and that, in accordance with the rules, the charge would be quadruple the normal fees.


We are in the process of changing banks and the transfer will not be complete until 30 April.  Both the grounds keeper and contractor should be paid today though, so the Clerk has prepared cheques for them for signature and the remainder of payees will be paid by bank transfer on 30 April. The usual monthly financial summary will be produced at that time.


65/24  DISTRICT COUNCILLOR  Councillor Gray was not able to be present

66/24    HIGH ST CAR PARKING  no report


Councillor Hutchinson said that too many dogs are let off leads in the village and he thought more signs were needed.

Councillor Mrs Lloyd asked whether the ivy on many trees was being cut off.

Councillor Mrs Stainer referred to the potholes in Hunters Way.

Councillor Mrs Hellett asked about pruning trees in Halls Meadow.


The next meeting of the Council will take place on Thursday 30 May 2024, commencing at 7pm in the Youth Room at the Mandeville Hall and will be the annual meeting of the Council.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 2145 hours.

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