Meeting Minutes: Annual Parish Council Meeting 2023




  • PRESENT  Parish Councillors P Seabrook (in the Chair); K Hutchinson; Mrs D Hellett; Mrs R Lloyd; Ms C Jessup; Mrs J Stainer and J Gray.

County Councillor Ian Gardener District Councillor Jonathan Gray

Sgt Rob Streater, Cambridgeshire Police

7 members of the public.

C L Thatcher, Clerk to the Parish Council, recorded the minutes.

  • APOLOGIES were received from Councillors  Ms H Bradbury;L Farrer and R Gooderham 
  • THE CHAIRMAN welcomed all present and introduced Josh Pearce, Integrated Neighbourhood Project Manager, North Cambs and Peterborough Care Partnership.

He said the service had been launched in 2019 and was based on the Primary Care Network i.e. community hubs are trying to develop around the A1 area and are working with the Health Improvement Programme and Youth schemes.

      4.   COUNCILLOR GRAY introduced Peter Nathanail of Vectare Ltd, the operator of the Ting bus service.  He said the service is proving to be beneficial to vulnerable people who have no other options for travel.    Their headquarters is in Loughborough, but this service is operated from Peterborough, covering the area Sawtry to Thrapston to St Neots to Papworth to Huntingdon.     They have four buses, two of which are in the zone and the operate between 6am and 8pm.

It is possible to make an ‘out and return’ booking, for example Kimbolton to Hinchingbrooke and return, but you can’t do Kimbolton to Hinchingbrooke to Huntingdon and return.

Mr Nathanail was thinked for coming to explain the service and Councillor Gardener suggested that he might like to have a bus visit each village in order to explain things to the locals.                                                    

      4     MINUTES of the Annual Parish Meeting of 3 March 2022 were read, approved and signed as a true record of that meeting.

      5.   MATTERS ARISING  There were no matters arising.

      6.   POLICE REPORT.   Sgt Streater outlined the area covered by his team at St Neots. The area is divided into seven wards and Kimbolton is second to Gt Staughton in terms of crimes.     Last year there were 171 investigations for such matters as antisocial behaviour; child protection, disclosure and criminal matters.     In terms of calls for service, Buckden had 233; Gt Staughton 145; Gt Paxton 189; Eynesbury 1406 and St Neots 900 plus.

There were 7 burglaries, one of which was in Stonely, 3 criminal damage and 2 weapons. There had been 34 incidents from 1 January of which 26 were criminal-related.

Catalytic converter thefts are popular, as are thefts of tools from vehicles.

He is aware of noise and speed-related problems in this area, but is limited in what he can do due to having only 3 PCs and 1 PCSO, though he is willing to take on any data we wish to provide about speeding.

He was asked about overweight vehicles and whether the speed camera van could check lorries transiting this area and ignoring the weight limits.  He did not think this likely, but it would fall under the Roads Policing Unit to follow this up.


            Councillor Paul Seabrook read his report on the activities of the Parish Council , a  

            copy of which is attached to these minutes, and invited questions.


           Councillor Gardener read his report  and a copy is attached to the original of these minutes.


          Councillor Gray presented  his report, which is

          attached to the original of these minutes.


  • Kimbolton Trust.    Councillor Seabrook said that both he and Councillor Hutchinson were Trustees.  They met twice a year and were happy to consider requests for assistance, usually financial, from people in the area.  They have plenty of funding available for people in need.
  • Kimbolton School.  The Bursar, Jenny Agnew, was not able to attend, but it was reported that the Headmaster, Mr Belbin, was retiring in the summer and a new Head had been appointed.  He is Will Chuter and will take up his appointment in September.                   Repairs to the boarding house have commenced and are expected to be complete by the end of May.       An application will be made to divert the public footpath which runs through the school grounds to the perimeter.
  • Womens Institute  Mrs Mavis Campion  presented her report on the year.  Her report is attached to the original of these minutes.
  •   Kimbolton Castle Rotary Club.   Their report was presented by David Watson.  He said the Club was now back to weekly meetings with a mixture of in-person meetings and Zoom.It had been a great year with 3 new members and 18 regularly attending.  There are 18 members in a satellite club who are not required to attend weekly meetings. Venues have included the Sailing Club and the White Horse.     They have raised £4000 to £5000 for charity at events such as the Galaxy Big Band and a quiz.  The Country Fayre produced the second best attendance ever, raising a net £21,000 of which £12000 went to Rotary and £9000 to Sporting Bears.

They are supporting youth this year and have a ‘Young Artist’ competition which has received 132 entries from local schools.

  • Mandeville Hall Committee.   Their report was presented by Jean Stratford, who said that their AGM was on Friday 28 April.
  • Kimbolton Football Club  and Kimbolton Cricket Club No report received.
  • 1st Kimbolton Scouts.  Martin Brown said they had had a successful year, with scouts attending their permanent Jamboree and with two Explorer Scouts going to South Korea.


           Jean Stratford said that the Mandeville Hall was being upgraded.  They are providing a bigger notice board to advertise activities in the village and Bytes Café is very busy and is providing a Warm Hub.


           The next Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Thursday 7 March 2024 in the Youth Room at the Mandeville hall, commencing at 7.30 pm.

           There being no further business the meeting closed at 2200 hours. 

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